Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl 2012 Odds: NE Patriots vs NY Giants Match Up

The Super Bowl 2012 is just a few minutes away. Lots of football fans around the world are very much exited to witness the much anticipated match. Which team do you think will emerge as the ultimate champion? Will it be New England Patriots or New York Giants?

Since the Super Bowl XLVI matchup of the two teams was already set, and since the Super Bowl 2012 Live Stream is in demand right now over the internet, there will be a very little movement in the odds lines as the New England remains a slight favourite to win the Sunday’s game.

According to some reports from international sports sites, the New England Patriots are the 2.5 point favourites to win the Super Bowl this Sunday over the New York Giants. The Patriots opened at 3.5 point favourites but that number quickly moved down to 3 points. However, the Giants are the popular bet right now. Our partners at Odds Shark give us some insight as to why.

Hence, the New York is also 6-2 against the spread against New England since 1987. Can the Patriots turn things around on Sunday against the Giants and beat the odds in their Super Bowl rematch? They'll have to first overcome the coin toss which has gone the NFC's way in the past 15 Super Bowls.

As you may recall, these same two teams played an epic, and tight, game in Super Bowl XLII, with the Giants winning 17-14, ruining the Patriots' chance at the first 19-0 season in NFL history.

The Super Bowl 2012 Live Stream will be available for the first time via NBC Sports and NFL Official website. The will be streaming the game live and for free.

A tight match will always be possible at Lucas Oil Stadium this coming Sunday night. Were lot of people are favouring on their favourite team to win the Super Bowl 2012. The Super Bowl 2012 Odds will still be mysterious for some and even hard to predict by this time. Who do you think will win this Super Bowl 2012? Please standby here at Super Bowl 2012 Live Stream for a live coverage of the matchup live at the Lucas Oil Stadium.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl 2012 Live Stream Another Sign Popular Game Has Changed Forever

The Super Bowl is now the property of the Internet, and there is nothing you can do to wrestle it free from its cyber grip. And yet the Super Bowl 2012 live stream will now be available for the first time in some popular Sports Website.

While that may seem a tad ominous, there is nothing at all sinister about the future of Super Bowl parties.

NBC Sports will provide a free live stream of the Super Bowl. Before you get on your old school high horse and proclaim that such a gift is meaningless, consider that the world we live in demanded this addition of viewing options, and it will be crucial moving forward.

Things have already taken a turn because of YouTube and the ubiquity of the Internet, but you can be the judge as to whether it is for the worse.

We have now seen the age of surprise and anticipation erased by various Super Bowl ads that were leaked up to a week before the big game. By now, we have seen Jerry Seinfeld and his Acura spot or the epic Ferris Bueller Honda ad. The times, they have changed.

While that may be the evils of a captivated audience sitting around their laptops and smart phones all day, there is some great things on the horizon.
NBC Sports and the NFL will team up to live stream the game, adding a few million viewers to the majority of the world that already watches.

ABC News breaks down some of the best apps that you can use if you don't want to hop on the website and are watching on the go.

The NFL Mobile app will have video, live audio, current drive chart, real-time scores and lets you easily post comments to Facebook. And that is where we really see things changing. will have the feed for the Super Bowl, and according to a release on The Sacramento Bee, will allow video to be streamed live on Facebook, where you can instantly interact with friends and comment on the game.

The possibilities are endless as the living room that we used to exchange barbs about the commercials and halftime show becomes the all-encompassing world of the Internet.

You can hide in corner and watch the game when the decibels are too loud to enjoy at your Super Soiree. You can sneak out to flip the burgers in the second half and not miss a beat.

The Super Bowl has always been an event that the whole world could enjoy and experience, a moment that most of us share and debate long after the game has ended. With live streaming, that sentiment is finally true. (articles from Bleacher Report)

Super Bowl 2012: What Time is the Super Bowl 2012 Live Stream?

The world Super Bowl is very in demand search over the internet now, and many people are asking now what time the Super Bowl 2012 live stream will be available?

The New England Patriots will collide with the New York Giants in Indianapolis for the 46th edition of the Super Bowl starting at 6:30 pm EST on February 5, 2012. But this doesn’t meant that the kickoff time will happen on exactly the same time though, as few minutes of leeway must be given for such time like coin-flip, national anthem, the flyover (just recommend DVR just in case you forget).

Apparently the game will take place at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, which for the very first time broadcast exclusively on NBC Sports and NFL official website.

However, the Super Bowl 2012 might be seen streaming live online, which may come as consolation to all football fans out there and also in abroad. For the very first time the NFL will be making the Super Bowl 2012 live stream available online and on mobile services.  This comes in the wake of "Operation Fake Sweep," a piracy raid by federal authorities against websites suspected of illegally streaming sporting events. 300 websites were seized in the days leading up to the big game.

On the other hands, for those with a slower connection that cannot handle the stream can still get up-to-the-minute information on ESPN's Super Bowl Central. The site will feature a live play-by-play Gamecast on Sunday in addition to reporting stats throughout the game.

The Sunday matchup will also be considered as a rematch of the Super Bowl 42, a game that the Giants fans will tout for eternity.  In the 2008 contest, New York bested New England with an incredible last-minute drive putting themselves ahead 17-14. That drive included the now famous "helmet catch" made by David Tyree off a pass from Eli Manning.

Please standby here for the live coverage of the Super Bowl 2012 and for the sources of Super Bowl 2012 live streaming.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl 2012: Is this Year a Fourth Super Bowl Title for Tom Brady?

A fourth Super Bowl title means a lot to Tom Brady and if Tom Brady wins a fourth Super Bowl title, where does that place him among the all-time greats?

A lot of debate was seen on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter asking for questions about the Super Bowl 2012 title between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. If ever the Giants win, all were debating whether Eli Manning has had a better career than his brother Peyton. And if ever Patriots win,  it will be a fourth Super Bowl title for Tom Brady, and it will takes him to be the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever produced.

Comments have been flooding over Twitter saying that if the New England Patriots win their fourth Super Bowl with Tom Brady at quarterback, it will definitely seems fair to consider him now among the top three or four quarterbacks of all time.

Although Brady has benefited from the game's emphasis on passing in recent years, he's managed to keep winning with some very questionable skill position players prior to this season. The Patriots won back-to-back Super Bowls in 2004 and 2005 with guys like David Givens and Deion Branch operating as the number one receiver.
He got a great season from Cory Dillon in 2004, but 2005 saw Dillon lead the team with 733 rushing yards. Brady has proven he can win with dominant teams like he did in 2004, and he's proven he can pull off the stunning upset like he did in 2001.

According to other comments, Tom Brady has already earned the title of an all-time great quarterback and with the three Super Bowl titles on his fingers. Eventhough he loses his shot at a fourth Super Bowl, nothing will change. However if he wins that fourth ring, he will be one of three quarterbacks with four Super Bowl titles. Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana are the other two.

Let us all find out if Tom Brady will shine out and grab the fourth Super Bowl title as the Super Bowl 2012 live stream will be available at NBC Sports on February 5, 2012.  Please standby for live coverage and updates.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Countdown to the Super Bowl, Only 4 days to come

We are just four days to the much awaited Super Bowl XLVI also known as the Super Bowl 2012. For some, the number 4 connotes bad in some circles. Like for instances, the Vikings and Broncos had a dubious distinction of being 0-4 in Super Bowls.

Apparently, the coaches for the Super Bowl 2012 will be Brian Billick and Marvin Lewis for the team Giants and Patriots respectively from Indianapolis for the much anticipated showdown.

Since the Super Bowl began in January 1967, the entire game has become a spectacle in the American sports and became the single biggest sporting event in the world.

As what have said, the Super Bowl 2012 live stream will become a rematch of Super Bowl XLII between the New England Patriots and New York Giants so expect the game to be quite entertaining and will be full of actions and extravagant.

Each of the teams will have a great passing offense now include two of the NFL’s best quarterbacks in the name of Tom Brady and Eli Manning, along with some best players such as Rob Gronkowski and Victor Cuz.

So tune here on the biggest night of sporting event in the world. The Super Bowl 2012 live stream will be available on NBC Sports and NFL official website on February 5, 2012 live at Lucas Stadium in Indianapolis. Be there and witness the most extravagant Super Bowl event of the year.