Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl 2012 Live Stream Another Sign Popular Game Has Changed Forever

The Super Bowl is now the property of the Internet, and there is nothing you can do to wrestle it free from its cyber grip. And yet the Super Bowl 2012 live stream will now be available for the first time in some popular Sports Website.

While that may seem a tad ominous, there is nothing at all sinister about the future of Super Bowl parties.

NBC Sports will provide a free live stream of the Super Bowl. Before you get on your old school high horse and proclaim that such a gift is meaningless, consider that the world we live in demanded this addition of viewing options, and it will be crucial moving forward.

Things have already taken a turn because of YouTube and the ubiquity of the Internet, but you can be the judge as to whether it is for the worse.

We have now seen the age of surprise and anticipation erased by various Super Bowl ads that were leaked up to a week before the big game. By now, we have seen Jerry Seinfeld and his Acura spot or the epic Ferris Bueller Honda ad. The times, they have changed.

While that may be the evils of a captivated audience sitting around their laptops and smart phones all day, there is some great things on the horizon.
NBC Sports and the NFL will team up to live stream the game, adding a few million viewers to the majority of the world that already watches.

ABC News breaks down some of the best apps that you can use if you don't want to hop on the website and are watching on the go.

The NFL Mobile app will have video, live audio, current drive chart, real-time scores and lets you easily post comments to Facebook. And that is where we really see things changing. will have the feed for the Super Bowl, and according to a release on The Sacramento Bee, will allow video to be streamed live on Facebook, where you can instantly interact with friends and comment on the game.

The possibilities are endless as the living room that we used to exchange barbs about the commercials and halftime show becomes the all-encompassing world of the Internet.

You can hide in corner and watch the game when the decibels are too loud to enjoy at your Super Soiree. You can sneak out to flip the burgers in the second half and not miss a beat.

The Super Bowl has always been an event that the whole world could enjoy and experience, a moment that most of us share and debate long after the game has ended. With live streaming, that sentiment is finally true. (articles from Bleacher Report)

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